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What's Up with Black Men Liking White Women?

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It's such a stereotype, and yet so common, that it's probably observable in every city and state. There always seems to be a successful black man who prefers white or Latina women.

Now of course, it's racist to believe that black men should stay with their own race, because why shouldn't a man be allowed to pick his partner with total freedom? But what happens is that sometimes black women get resentful at how black men are only interested in dating white women, and never seem to have time for them.

Is there any truth to this scenario?

Why Do Black Men Like White Women?

It's true in the sense that SOME of the black male population is simply not attracted to their own race, or at least, is not interested in pursuing a serious relationship with them. Now some black men are very much interested in black women. The reasoning on why some are and some aren't, could be due to any number of factors.

For example, some believe that attraction to another race stems from the unconscious desire to produce more diverse, and hence, healthier offspring. Others believe it may be curiosity or even genetic habit.

For some, the decision is entirely social. For example, some black men may feel that white women are culturally less likely to talk back. Perhaps these black men want more submissive women. Some people claim that white women tend to be more experimental and tolerant when it comes to kinky sex.

Of course these are all just stereotypes that are commonly cited on the Internet, and are not true of everybody and every relationship.

Another factor, and a more likely one, may be that is that some white women are very attracted to black men. That curiosity and taboo attraction a white woman feels makes her sexier to black men, who can tell that she desires him—and is willing to please him.

The Culture of Interracial Love

The popularity of interracial romances in the media is also a major influence. Years ago, it was a social taboo that white women just didn't go with black men. Hollywood broke some major barriers in the 1970s and 1980s and it's only now become trendy and (mostly) acceptable in the public eye. In the 1950s, naturally, an interracial couple could barely go out in public without causing a scene.

Part of the dynamic too, could have been the perception that interracial romance was strictly casual—because no white woman would ever marry a black man. Back then families had a hard time trusting men of a different race…and even if they did trust him, they feared the world would be cruel to the young lovers. Sadly, they were and for a long time.

We may still live in a racist society, in some ways, but in many ways we have matured enough to congratulate interracial love. At least now, a larger portion of the population is happy for interracial couples who get together and explore all their options.

So let's not be too resentful over black men dating white women. After all, just as many white men love black women so it all evens out!