Can You Be a Part of a Community When You're Dating Outside Your Race?

black women white men dating

The world is becoming more accepting of untraditional dating. Homosexual couples, international couples, long distance relationships, and interracial relationships have all entered the mainstream and there are many people happily partaking in this cultural shift.

Even though it's become more accepted, there are still certain things that can be asked.

Where will you live?

Most areas outside of cities are still very much divided by race. There will always be one majority race in an area. That majority race influences a lot about the norms of the area.

Unless you're living in a melting pot of cultures that can typically only be found in cosmopolitan cities, one person in an interracial relationship might have to deal with being in an environment where they aren't represented by the majority.

What about your family's traditions?

Family doesn't play a big part in everybody's lives, but it does in most people's lives. People who date outside of their race will often have to distance themselves from more traditional family members who disagree with their decisions.

This is extremely emotionally painful for most people and they have a hard time accepting that they will have to choose between their partner and their family. For others, where they are more urbanized and not as traditional, this isn't as big of a deal.

At the end of the day, all of these questions boil down to one main question:

Can you be a part of a community when you're dating outside your race?

There is no easy answer to this.

While many people do stay in touch with their cultural roots and are lucky enough to have accepting families, this is not true for everyone. Even those that have accepting families and strong connections to their culture face their own unique challenges.

Unless one partner is willing to completely immerse themselves into another culture, there will be some sacrifices that need to be made. Like the first question discussed, where you're living will be a point of contention in many relationships.

A Southern white woman who is extremely in touch with her tradition and roots might yearn for small town living, but if she's dating a Japanese man who prefers to be in the pulse of the city, it can cause a few problems.

Some partners won't want to assimilate to another culture just because of how unwelcoming it is to them. Once again, with the Southern example, the black woman of a white man might not be too sold on the idea of uprooting their life to live in an area that has been historically controversial due to racism, even though it may not be the case anymore.

At the end of the day, you will never be able to fully immerse yourself into a single community unless one partner is willing to give up their own for the other, or if both of you choose to be a part of a more modern lifestyle and community.